Our People Make the Difference

Studio Culture

Since its inception, Beachhead has been at the forefront of expanding how people think and interact with entertainment software.

Developers of the mobile companion apps for the critically acclaimed Call of Duty® franchise, we pride ourselves in creating innovative and meaningful ways for players to engage with their favorite games no matter where they may be.

At Beachhead it is our goal to develop industry-leading software and backend technologies that will support both our mobile applications and mainline titles. It is a mission we could not accomplish without extraordinary people, and thankfully we are fortunate enough to work with some of the most talented and intelligent minds in the gaming industry.

We all share a common passion for our work and the properties we support.

More than anything, we seek to foster our employees’ careers and challenge them to put forth their best work while working here. Ultimately, we understand that our employees’ success is ours, and that our mobile applications will not succeed without the incredible efforts they put forth every day.

If you are looking for a welcoming atmosphere, and a place to cultivate, grow and refine your skills, we are always looking for top-tiered talent. Please see the Activision Careers page for available opportunities.


About the Studio

In 2010, Beachhead was established to develop a true companion service for the multiple award-winning Call of Duty® franchise. Our goal was to connect our players to Call of Duty® like never before.

Call of Duty® Ghosts Companion App

For Call of Duty®: Ghosts, we created a mobile and tablet experience designed to not only enhance our players’ interactions with the game, but to expand upon and encourage further competition around Ghosts’ multiplayer.

Building off the Call of Duty® Elite service, the companion app provided robust functionality for our players including:

   1. Player and Clan Profiles
   2. Loadout pushes, directly to game
   3. Clan Management
   4. Clan Emblem Creation

We also introduced Call of Duty® Clan Wars, a new competitive game experience that sat above Ghosts’ multiplayer. Success in Clan Wars earned in-game awards, including exclusive gear and bonus multiplayer XP.

Call of Duty® Elite

Our inaugural service, Call of Duty® Elite, provided player and Clan stats for three different Call of Duty games, and beginning with Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare 3, the Elite service supported our players across console, web and mobile. Call of Duty® Elite’s services ended in February of 2014, but served as the foundation for the Call of Duty® app released in November of 2013.